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Captain Morgan

Steve Morgan

"Captain Morgan"
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Steve was always interested in radio since he was a small child growing up in Northwest Iowa and then Southeast South Dakota.

Always imitating broadcasters on TV and radio, Steve was born to talk! He would often record himself, with his parents' help, talking sports or acting out a sports game all on tape.

Steve got his first taste of broadcasting in high school when he was hired by a small country radio station in Mitchell, SD as a weekend announcer and filled in overnights during the summer months. After college at Brown Institute of broadcasting in Minneapolis, MN, Steve was hired back in January 1992 as the full-time overnight announcer. Steve was on overnights until August 1992 when he was promoted to nights, and remained on that schedule until February 1997.

In 1997, Steve got out of the nightlife of radio and managed a cell phone store while doing some sports announcing on Q107. In May 1999, Steve was offered a full-time mornings, sports, and program director job with KORN and Q107. Missing radio for two years, Steve jumped at the situation and returned to radio, and will never get out again. Steve has done mornings on Q107 since 1999 with a brief stop at the end of 2001 as he took over the Sports Department, when his friend and mentor Tom Maxwell passed away.

Steve returned to the morning show and has had a great time doing it again since early 2002. If you listen to his show, you know he often calls himself "Captain Morgan." Although not a real pirate, he sure loves to drink! Steve currently does the morning show on Q107, is the Operations Manager for both KORN and Q107 radio stations, and is the voice of Kernel sports on KORN.

In 2008, Steve was named South Dakota Sportscaster of the Year and made a trip to North Carolina for the awards banquet.

In 2011, Steve was awarded the Sportscaster of the Year from the South Dakota Coaches Association.